No Longer

It’s been a week since the creatures left my mind still,
the voices have been silent despite the moons call.

I am learning to be whole without them;
no longer are they mine to hold,
no longer am I there’s to own.

For a Time



We have journeyed through forests and cities,
oceans and puddles,
music and silence.
Coming up for air,
Everytime we have been drowned.
Carrying nations in our wombs,
Birthing leaders,
burying children.
We have stood up
when they said we could only lay.
Holdings hands,
mow we march,
for a time when our daughters
won’t have to.

Between Two

I am torn between two continents,
two cultures,
two upbringings,
two histories,
two currencies,
two ways to make a sandwich,
yet in my division,
I also stand
apart from both.
Neither is home,
neither is a stranger,
neither give me confidence
in who I am.
Is there a third,
I am yet to find,
or will I always be
hovering between worlds,
a ghost of identity.