When They Talk

img_9600In my mind I see
the words said about me,
the words said over me,
the words said around me.
I see the words
never said,
and the words said
with regret
as they chant,
dancing through my memory.
I see these words
look back at me,
asking me to answer.
I see them nod
and steal glances
as my own silence dances
around all their looks
as I try to cope
with reality
and what it shows.
I see these words
and I seize my own,
a reality I’ve never known



but do not collapse;
The weight of your choices
can always be lifted.
but do not regret;
The reasons for tears
will always be gifted.
to fly.
and cry,
to be heard;
You can become a greater
version of your plan,
no matter how far
you’ve drifted

A Journey












I am not who I was or who I will be,
the roads in between are difficult to read
but the sky ahead is kaleidoscope high
and the colours are teachers of flight
so I will march to the beat of the
hum of the flowers that grow beneath
a mans thumb

Passing Hearts


Love is brittle and life unkind,
what is yours was once mine.
To have, to hold, to give away
whoever comes cannot stay.
Tell me where this story ends,
where salty tears and green eyes blend,
I am brittle and you unkind,
what is yours was once mine.

(Where did you go?)











I’ve been thinking of Coldplay, and coffee, and cold shoulders (Do you still think of me?)
I’ve been dreaming in shades but never in colour
(Is it still gold you see?)
I’ve been falling asleep, in between years
(Have you remembered the stars?)
I’ve been talking in riddles only you could solve
(My heart feels as if its charred
I’ve been missing you and I and us
(I feel your spirit drifting)
I’ve been holding on even though you’ve gone
(I feel my foundation shifting)
I’m sorry for the ways things were left
(Do you still think of me?)
I’m sorry for the way things were kept
(Is it still gold you see?)

The Cave Within


I am filled to the brim
with reality in waves,
crashing my mind against
stone as I grow dim.
To the light that all others
claim to see as the dark
around my begins to groan.
Yes, I hear you, oh cave of
my soul, you steal my sleep
with fear. Yes, I fear you, oh
cave of my soul, for I know
you are always near.

Hello, Child


You are a child of the flowers,
remember where you come from.
When you have been moved to
the centre of a room, remember
the dirt that grew your stems.
Though your roots have been
pulled, remember the shadow
you grew so fond of.
You are a child of the flowers,
remember where you come from.